Our intention at Broadway Infant School is for each child to make their best progress in writing, speaking and listening. We recognise that each child has their own starting point and progress is measured in line with this. Children in our school are exposed to high-quality texts and immersed in vocabulary-rich learning environments. Our aim is for children at Broadway to develop an enjoyment of writing whilst becoming confident with the skills required to write for different purposes. Through the given opportunities of writing in a variety of genres and for different purposes we aim for the children to develop their creativity when writing.

At Broadway, we use quality texts (both fiction and non-fiction) as a starting point for our writing. Writing is taught through a variety of genres and children are given the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in spelling, punctuation and grammar and apply these skills in writing across the curriculum. Every child is encouraged to let their imagination and personality shine through in their writing.

Simple letter formation is taught in EYFS, ensuring letters are formed clearly and correctly. In Y1, children begin to learn how to join letters, while retaining clear consistent letter formation. This continues in Y2, when children can refine their handwriting.

Children make good progress in writing. They are able to apply writing skills consistently across the curriculum. Children develop the skills to write in a variety of genres, building up their ability to write for longer and edit their writing to improve the final piece.

Writing Progression of Knowledge and Skills

Handwriting – letter formation in Reception and Year 1

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Handwriting – cursive letter formation in Year 2

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