Our School

Broadway Infant School is forward looking in its approach to education. The use of a creative curriculum has long been integrated into teaching and learning within the school, we place a high importance on delivering a broad and balanced curriculum for all children. We plan and deliver high quality and engaging learning opportunities so that we inspire curiosity and achieve excellence. We often use the outdoor environment around our school for teaching sessions because we know our children enjoy being active and out in the fresh air whilst learning.

Free high quality school meals are provided for all our children and we encourage healthy eating. The meals are cooked on site by our excellent catering team and lunch times are well supervised by a large number of dedicated Lunch Break Supervisors. Children can also bring a packed lunch to school if parents/carers prefer.

‘Fruit or Toast Tuck’ is provided during the mid-morning break and the school also participates in the government ‘Free Fruit’ scheme. If children have a school lunch, by the time they leave us at the end of the day they are well on their way to having consumed five portions of fruit or vegetables. All the latest menu options can be accessed by contacting the school office.

We provide a breakfast club at school, serving breakfast for children from Broadway and from our partner school the Ridge Junior School. Our club opens from 7:45am please visit the clubs section of this website for the latest information.

The school currently has the capacity for 180 pupils shared across six classes – two Foundation Stage, two Year 1 plus two Year 2 classes. Classes are supported by teaching assistants and this ensures children have access to high levels of adult support and attention throughout the day.

Broadway Infant School’s Mission and Vision 2019 – 2021

Inspiring curiosity, achieving excellence

A community where every child is valued as an individual.

An environment where children see learning as an adventure.

An ethos that allows children to develop curiosity, resilience and independence.

A curriculum which is inspiring, challenging and creative.

A school where we all strive for excellence.

Our Core School Values



Our Learning Characters

At Broadway, children are taught the skills they need to become successful learners through the promotion of our leaning characters, which visually demonstrate these skills to the children and are as follows:

  • Stickability squirrel
  • Problem solving Percy
  • Finding out fox
  • Resourceful rabbit
  • Dreaming dragon
  • Mastery mouse

Learning characters – information for parents