At Broadway Infant School make maths engaging and interesting for all children so they develop a curiosity for the subject. We strive for all children to have a solid working knowledge of maths, to develop a clear sense of number and to be able to use manipulatives confidently and appropriately to support their learning. We also aim for our children to be confident in their ability to use Maths and discuss their learning using Maths vocabulary in a variety of contexts and across the curriculum. We expect that the large majority of children progress through the curriculum content at the same pace and that all children will be given the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skill at a greater depth. We also aim for our parents to be involved in and informed about their children’s learning so they can feel confident to support them at home.

Our Curriculum is delivered through a topic led approach aimed at inspiring all children to be excited and inquisitive as well as to develop a love of learning. It gives opportunities, where possible, to use Maths across the curriculum which give purpose for learning and time to practise mathematical skills.

We use aspects of various schemes into our planning and teaching of Maths to best suit our children and school community. We teach mini blocks and revisit and test these areas of learning regularly throughout the year. This allows teachers to use regular formative assessment that is referred to Target Tracker to recognise and address gaps in learning to better inform their planning. This in turn, helps children to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, to reason mathematically in a range of situations and to develop skills in problem solving. Teachers are very competent in their in their ability to use questioning techniques and explain mathematical vocabulary to move children on in their learning as well as identifying children who are in need of support. Maths lessons have no ceiling for learning and it support is given in class to those specific children who need it and interventions are given in required. Maths Working Wall in each classroom are added to during each lesson so the children can see and refer to the progression of skills and vocabulary being taught, Each mini block offers all children opportunities to reason about mathematics and thus opportunities to develop greater depth in their mathematical knowledge and skills.

Practise and consolidation plays a central role in developing mathematical fluency. Mental mathematics in particular is a key skill children need to develop to be fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, therefore each KS1 class throughout school participates in Maths daily Arithmetic tests/challenges. Our Reception classes use mental maths daily during register and during transition times.

Children at Broadway Infant School are provided with a variety of different resources to enable them to access their mathematic learning. Numicon and Base 10 and are vital resources used at our school. They can be found in areas of provision for children to access independently and are available in every classroom throughout school.

At Broadways Infant School we recognise the importance of parents’ involvement in their children’s learning. During parents’ evenings, parents are given information on the strategies and methods used in school and how to help their children at home. Parents of children in Reception have access to Tapestry in which EYFS staff give ‘on the spot’ suggestions for supporting their children at home. Parents are also invited to take part in Stay and Please sessions (EYFS) and Stay and Count sessions (KS1) throughout the year, as well as whole school STEAM days and family challenges.

At Broadway Infants we have recognised a need to develop our pupils’ vocabulary which we view as a fundamental requirement for learn across all subjects. We are therefore developing knowledge organisers to send to parents that will highlight the Maths vocabulary and methods used in each year group to be used to support learning at home.

The children at Broadway Infant School demonstrate high levels of curiosity and engagement in Maths, develop a solid sense of number, become fluent in the fundamentals in maths and are confident in their mental maths abilities. Our children can discuss maths using the appropriate vocabulary, showing a deeper understanding of the subject and the ability to reason about mathematics. They see the value of mathematics in their daily lives and appreciate how maths is used across many subject areas. Our parents are more confident to support their children at home and feel comfortable asking for help when supporting their children’s learning.

Curriculum Maps

Key Stage 1 uses the White Rose Scheme of work to support the planning and delivery of mathematics.

Copies of the curriculum maps and planning for each year group can be accessed from the link below:

Year 1:

Year 2

Maths National Curriculum Overview

Calculation in Foundation Stage

Calculation in Years 1 and 2

How to help at home

Maths resources you already have at home!

Tens frames

Five frames

Number track to 10

Number track to 20