Red Class

Hello! I’m Mrs Grundy and I am the Class Teacher in Red class. In September we will be welcoming the new children to Reception; the Rockets and the Jets! I’m really looking forward to getting to know everybody and I hope we have lots of happy children during their first few weeks at school!

Red Class Blog

17.6.16 Wild Place

On Wednesday, Red and Yellow Classes went to Wild Place.  It was a lovely, sunny day.  We had a workshop on ‘Nature in Art’ – we made stinky potions, created  pictures using natural objects, played a game of guess the tree and then touched a huge cockroach!

We saw lots of different animals including; cheetahs, lemurs, wolves and giraffes.

We had our picnic lunch in the Tower Meadow.

It was a fun day and all the children were a credit to Broadway Infant School.

26.5.17 Our week in Reception

This week we have been learning about Being Healthy.

On 3 mornings we started our day by running around the playground twice.  We had P.E. on the other 2 days.

We read the story Oliver’s Fruit Salad and made posters about being healthy.

We have done observational drawings and paintings of a bowl of fruit.

We had a fruit tasting morning yesterday.  We tasted exotic fruits – papaya, pomegranate, pineapple, watermelon and physalis.

Don’t forget to fill in your food and exercise diary in half term and bring back to school after the holidays.


19.5.17 This Week in Reception

On Monday we made egg and cress sandwiches.  We used the cress that we grew in yoghurt pots.  We looked at the difference between a raw egg and a cooked egg.

In our activities this week we have; made beanstalks taller than ourselves, made castles out of junk materials, written instructions, measured our feet and lots more!

On Thursday, all of our chrysalis had hatched so we released our butterflies in the conservation area.

We went on a minibeast hunt around Broadway.  We found butterflies, bumble bees, ants, ladybirds and snails. Some of us found a beetle and a millipede.

28.4.17 An eggciting first week back

We started off the week by introducing our whole school topic ‘Take a closer look.’  We did activities in different classrooms and in mixed classes with children in other year groups.

This week we had some eggs delivered to school.  The eggs were in an incubator to keep them warm.  Then one by one the eggs started to hatch.

We have 5 boy chicks which are the yellow chicks and 5 girls chicks which are brown.  They are now in a brooder box which is bigger than the incubator but it has a lamp as they still need to keep warm.  They like to sleep, cheep, drink and eat.

Next week, when they are stronger, we hope to hold them.

We also have some caterpillars and we are watching them grow.

Our activities this week have been all about caterpillars, eggs and chicks.


W/b 03.04.17

What a busy last week of term we have had! On Monday we took part in a whole school archaeology day! We learnt about different periods of time in the past, excavated for artifacts, created our own stories and comic book strips, had a go at fixing broken pots and made our own Neolithic pots out of clay. On Tuesday we celebrated the end of our ‘A Step Back in Time’ topic with a school museum. We looked at what the children in Year 1 and 2 had been learning about and we shared our own learning with our parents/carers. On Thursday, Mrs Grundy bought her rabbits to school and we all had a go at drawing them and we all had a stroke! We also made our Easter bonnets and enjoyed sharing them in our Easter parade at the end of the day!

We hope you all have a lovely, restful Easter break and we will see you in 2 weeks 🙂