Year 2

Please look out for our Year 2 Facebook challenges posted 3 times per week, we have loved seeing what you’ve all been doing so far. These are fun activities that support learning too! We are looking forward to seeing more of your challenges each week.

All year groups learning from home ideas will continue to be updated on a weekly basis, these will be uploaded to this page on the website every Monday starting from 20th April (first day of Term 5). The previous home learning ideas that have been sent by email are also available below for easy reference.

Please also see the Home Learning page for websites and ideas to use at home.

As a reminder you have all be sent the email address for your child’s teacher(s), please get in touch if you have any questions.

Term 5 Week 5

Adverbs powerpoint

Adverbs activities

Number triangles

Term 5 Week 4

Reading comprehensions

Nouns and verbs

Nouns activity

Term 5 Week 3

VE Day Reading comprehensions

VE Day powerpoint

Bunting template

Design a teacup

Design a VE Day medal

Morse Code activities

Spitfire glider

Union Jack colouring

VE Day word search

Term 5 Week 2

Calculation methods explained

Spider activities

Term 5 Week 1

Position and direction activity

Easter activities

Home learning ideas 2

Book review

Alexander Graham Bell Challenge 1

Alexander Graham Bell Challenge 2

Alexander Graham Bell Challenge 3

Home Learning ideas 1 20.3.20