Term 2 in Year 2

We are continuing with our whole school theme ‘What a Wonderful LIfe it is!’

In Year Two we are focusing on ‘Celebrations

In English, we are asking and writing questions, writing key facts, using imperative verbs to write instructions, retelling stories.  SPAG- (spelling, punctuation and grammar)-imperative verbs, connectives and sentence openers.

In Maths, we are furthering our knowledge of addition and subtraction and then moving on to multiplication and division.

In Science (and forest schools) , we are exploring habitats and the food chain.  This week is science week and we are investigating colour.

In History, we are comparing now and then – 1605 The Gunpowder Plot, Victorian Christmas.

In RE, how and why do we celebrate special and sacred times.

In Computing, we are learning about online safety.  We are also using purple mash on the Ipads.

In Art, we are going to be sewing Victorian Christmas decorations.  We are also looking at colour and how different media and materials affect art.

in Music, we are learning Christmas songs for the play.

In PE, we are doing dance and gymnastics.

Homework Term Two