Science teaches an understanding of natural phenomena. It aims to stimulate a child’s curiosity in finding out why things happen in the way they do. It teaches methods of enquiry and investigation to stimulate creative thought. Children learn to ask scientific questions and begin to appreciate the way science will affect their future.

The school uses the national curriculum as the basis of its curriculum planning. Where possible, science lessons will be planned to support the creative curriculum. Scientific enquiry is integrated throughout the curriculum, and includes a range of different types of enquiry as appropriate for different topics:
•       Exploration enquiry – teaching children to observe and record change over time and reflect on what they see.
•       Problem-solving enquiry – solutions can involve designing and making systems, apparatus or artefacts stressing the importance of success criteria.
•       Research enquiry – children using secondary sources eg. books, internet and CD Roms, and communicating their findings by speaking and listening, writing letters etc.
•       Classification enquiry – in which things can be assigned to groups or identified by characteristics.
•       Fair test enquiry – teaching children how to manipulate variables.
•       Discuss and develop their opinions.
•       Make evaluated predictions before an investigation.
•       Using and making tables and graphs.
•       Make accurate observations.
•       Write clear accounts using their own observations and ideas.
•       Extend investigations using their own ideas.
•       Collect, consider and interpret data.
•       Use a wide range of scientific vocabulary.
•       Use a variety of ICT tools to support their learning.

Science has significant links with other curriculum areas. We are committed to developing the teaching of science within other areas of the curriculum, in order to improve creativity in the classroom and enhance learning through making useful links. Where possible, units are planned to link in with our creative curriculum which includes child led topics.