On this page you will find specific home learning information for children in Reception. This information will be required if your child has a COVID 19 related absence from school. Schools now have a legal responsibility to provide remote education to children when they cannot access education because they are self-isolating due to COVID 19. In Reception children learn predominantly through play so there will be so many opportunities for learning during the day at home.

There are three tiers of remote education we are providing at Broadway:

  1.  Children who are not able to attend school because they or a member of their family have COVID 19 symptoms and are therefore waiting to have a test or waiting for the results of a test.
  2. Individual children who are self isolating at home when a member of their family tests positive for COVID 19 or they have been in close contact with someone outside of their family who tests positive for COVID 19.
  3. Whole bubble closure when all of a bubble (year group) cannot attend school because there has been a positive case within their year group of either a pupil or a staff member.

Tier 1 and 2 learning from home – The Reception teachers will upload an observation on to Tapestry of the learning that has taken place in phonics, maths and an area of provision that day. You can reply to the observation or add your own observation to show your child’s learning at home.

Tier 3 – the learning from home provision will be communicated to you in the event of the bubble closure.