In this period of school closure Broadway is only open to vulnerable children and children of critical workers. All other children must remain at home and access the remote learning provided.

Remote Learning in Reception:

There will be two Tapestry observations added each morning for you to set up and complete the activities with your children. please post photos and a description of your child’s learning on Tapestry. The children will receive feedback from their class teacher on their learning during the day.

9.30am – morning check in followed by a phonics lesson on Microsoft Teams.

2.30pm – story time and a review of the day on Microsoft Teams.

Every day maths:

Below are ideas of every day Maths that are meaningful to children (and adults), which will deepen their understanding of Mathematics. Encouraging noticing, problems solving the use of Mathematical language daily is key to developing fluency in Maths.

Everyday Maths– Today is

Everyday Maths- Dinner Time

Everyday Maths- Tuck Shop

What is subitising and WHY it is SO important to early maths learning and in developing mathematical thinking?

I could talk your heads off for hours about this and how valuable it is!

The children may have mentioned our favourite term/phases: ‘noticing’ and ‘what do you see and how do you see it?’

We’ve had many sessions that involve ‘noticing’ WITHOUT formally counting! (subitising) Many of you, as adults, may have been questioning why we keep doing this. This was not part of our schooling. But it is a skill that is not only important, but requires regular practise to become an automatic reflex in our brains.

I have linked a short video, from an amazing Early Years maths consultant with whom we have done a lot of early years maths training, and whom we continue to do training with. She briefly outlines what subitising is, if you would like a look.

Subitising and the ability to do so literally feeds into ALL maths learning – even the most complex, well past primary school. Developing this skill early on in a child’s maths journey will benefit them HUGELY throughout the rest of their education!!!

Why subitising lays the foundations of number sense.

Why noticing is important to learning maths

Information on subitising


Phonics Sound Mat

Sounds Mat – Phase 2 and 3

Downloadable resources:

Camera Words set 2

Naughty Bus Story


Mini-Beast Hunt Checklist