In Reception children learn predominantly through play so there will be so many opportunities for learning during the day at home.

The Reception team are uploading some challenges on to Tapestry 3 times a week. It would be lovely to see your child’s responses to these though observations you upload. The teachers are commenting on every observation so this is a lovely way for your child to communicate with their teachers.

All year groups learning from home ideas will be updated on a weekly basis, these will be uploaded to this page on the website every Monday starting from 20th April (first day of Term 5). The previous home learning ideas that have been sent by email are also available below for easy reference.

Please also see the Home Learning page for websites and ideas to use at home.

As a reminder you have all be sent the email address for your child’s teacher(s), please get in touch if you have any questions.

Term 5 Week 5

Puppets – The Great Pet Sale

Term 5 Week 4

Story map activity

Camera words set 5

Term 5 Week 3

Term 5 Week 2

The Hungry Caterpillar Challenges

Online phonics lessons – information

Term 5 Week 1

Life Cycle of a Hen activity

Easter activities

Home learning ideas 2 27.3.20

People who help us challenge

Home learning ideas 1 20.3.20