The school uses the National Curriculum as the basis of English planning. English is also taught through cross curricular topics as part of the Creative Curriculum.

We want our pupils to develop a love of reading – to read for enjoyment as well as a means of learning.  We aim to provide opportunities throughout the school day for reading. The English curriculum is designed so that children meet a variety of texts in various contexts. Children participate in Guided Reading sessions once a week, using the Rigby Star guided reading scheme. Our home reading books are colour-coded using Book Bands, and children will bring home a book from the band below their guided reading band. Children can borrow a school library book of their own choice once a week.

Phonics is taught daily in Foundation Stage and KS1 using Phonics Play and Jolly Phonics, with guidance from the National Curriculum. Key words are taught alongside phonics to ensure words that do not fit phonic patterns are also known. All children take part in a national phonics check at the end of Year 1. Children who do not pass this check participate in phonics intervention sessions using Phonics Bug.