Orange Class

Welcome to Orange Class.

The teachers in Orange Class are Mrs Clare Chick and Mrs Katie Hibbert.  Mrs Chick works on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Hibbert works on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Rosie Howell.

In Year One we plan our learning based on the National Curriculum and the children’s interest. This gives us the freedom to take in to account each year groups interest and plan individualised learning opportunities. We cover a variety of topics throughout the year guided by the children which makes it engaging and enjoyable for all of us.

Each term we prepare a homework grid linked to the topic covering a range of curriculum areas. We encourage children to complete as many homework activities as they like and bring them in throughout the term to be celebrated and displayed.

Children are expected to read at home every day and parents need to make a brief comment in the reading diary each time. If your child has read at least five out of seven nights a week then they become a champion reader. This is a weekly challenge to keep the children engaged and an opportunity for them to practise the skills they’ve been taught in school. You can see the children that are champion readers on myvle every Friday.

Reading books will be changed twice a week with the teacher but your child can change their book as often as they need to. We recommend first thing in the morning.

We look forward to getting to know both you and your children throughout the year and having lots of fun.

Mrs Clare Chick and Mrs Katie Hibbert

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