The intent of our Music curriculum is to make music an enjoyable learning opportunity through encouraging children to participate in a variety of musical experiences. Our aim is to build children’s confidence to express themselves through music and in response to different genres of music.  They develop the ability to listen, perform and to critique constructively.  Through singing and performing children learn about the structure and organisation of music while encouraging their descriptive language skills and developing an understanding of different feelings, emotions and narrative.

The music curriculum is delivered through weekly lessons following the Charanga scheme, daily assemblies and other musical opportunities such as, visiting musical theatre groups, professional and amateur musicians. Children in our EYFS have musical opportunities in their child-led learning.

Our Music curriculum incorporates a variety of opportunities to use tuned and un-tuned instruments to explore how music is created.

Through our music opportunities and teaching children have an enjoyment of music and confidence to perform and evaluate their own and other’s musicality.

Music progression of knowledge and skills