Our aim is for children to gain a deeper understanding of the past whist developing the skills of a historian. We want children to have an understanding of how individuals from the past have impacted our world today. We want children to be excited to learn about the past and through the process of discovering this information we hope children will gain a sense of their own identity.

History is taught in blocks throughout the year in both KS1 and in the EYFS. The curriculum is delivered through topics which aim to inspire and engage children. Knowledge organisers are used to explain key knowledge and vocabulary. There is a clear progression of skills which develop throughout the child’s journey at Broadway. Real content is provided such as artefacts, school visits, visitors or books. Children are encouraged to follow their own lines of enquiry, ask questions and research information just as a historian would do. Knowledge is revisited throughout the year and assemblies are delivered to reinforce key events, people or vocabulary. All learning is put onto a school time line to promote children’s chronological understanding.

Outcomes are recorded on Tapestry in the EYFS and in books in KS1. The work demonstrates a broad range of experiences and evidences the progression of skills gained. Progress is documented through Target Tracker and pupil conferences. Children have a good chronological understanding and are able to pinpoint events and people on a timeline using our school timeline.

Progression of knowledge and skills