Our aim is to teach geography as part of a rich and balanced curriculum, one which inspires children’s curiosity and fascination about the world. We want children to question and explore the world that they live in and to develop an understanding of their place as an individual in society. Our curriculum gives children a greater knowledge and understanding of different countries and cultures looking at both human and physical features. As children progress through school they begin to develop the skills of a geographer. We promote a caring and responsible attitude where children begin to understand the important role they have in caring for their planet and in turn being a thoughtful active citizen.

Geography is taught in blocks throughout the year in both KS1 and in the EYFS. The curriculum is delivered through topics which aim to inspire and engage children. Knowledge organisers are used to explain key knowledge and vocabulary. There is a clear progression of skills which develop throughout the child’s journey at Broadway. We encourage the children to be geographers, to make their own lines of enquiry, to problem solve, to question and to investigate. Geography is taught through cross-curricular projects. Local area and outdoor learning is embedded in the curriculum. Assemblies are delivered throughout the year to link and enhance children’s knowledge. Children are given opportunities to volunteer their time to help look after their school and to protect the environment.

Outcomes are recorded on Tapestry in the EYFS and in books in KS1. The work demonstrates a broad range of experiences and evidences the progression of skills gained. Progress is documented through Target Tracker and pupil conferences. Children have a deeper knowledge of their local area and the world around them. They feel an appreciation and a sense of belonging with a desire to protect the planet. Children are active members of the school and local community and have an understanding of the importance of helping others and caring for the world around them.