At Broadway we intend to facilitate children in finding, exploring, experimenting, analysing, exchanging and presenting information safely through our computing curriculum as well as cross-curricular links.

Computing skills taught enable children to be confident, creative and independent learners, it is our intent that we provide our children with the opportunity to achieve this and become equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to become digitally literate so that they can participate in an ever changing digital world.

It is our intention to provide all of the above alongside responsible, respectful, and safe digital learners.

Our Computing Curriculum is taught using the South Gloucestershire Scheme for learning which plans for the requirements of the National Curriculum. Computing is also taught through cross curricular topics as part of the Creative Curriculum. The children are taught computational thinking through practical and engaging activities, covering a wide range of areas.

The children learn the basic keyboard and mouse skills, then later develop skills in algorithms, logic, debugging, coding and programming. The children use ipads, computers, laptops beebots, probots and cameras. We also focus on e-safety, using the Thinkuknow website ( to discuss staying safe on the internet and celebrate Safer Internet Day each year.

Children in the EYFS are given opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of Computing through adult lead and child initiated activities.

Our consistent and knowledgeable approach to Computing creates children who are digital literate in this ever changing world. They enjoy their Computing lessons and are confident to use a variety of technology in different ways.

Children know how to stay safe on the internet and are responsible, respectful, and safe digital learners.


Computing progression of knowledge and skills