Children’s University


The Children’s University is a way of recognising all the efforts children and their families make to learn new things beyond the normal school day. Each participating child is issued with a Children’s University Passport to Learning. When a child attends any activity that is designated as a ‘Learning Destination’ they can collect a passport stamp. Once they have evidence of completing 30 hours of activities they qualify for participation in a Children’s University graduation ceremony where they receive their Children’s University certificate dressed in cap and gown. For families from Broadway Infants this means a trip to the Bristol Cathedral where you will be able to watch your child presented with their certificate from the Dean of the University of the West of England.

We believe this is a very exciting and fun opportunity which motivates and inspires children to learn. As a member of the CU, Broadway has arranged for all of our after school clubs to become ‘Learning Destinations’ enabling many children to make a flying start. For example a child attending choir could potentially earn 30 hours or more towards their passport for this school year simply by regular attendance at choir. Examples of other local learning destinations are: The Suspension Bridge Visitor’s Centre, Bristol Zoo, the SS Great Britain etc.; these destinations are continually growing. As the local sponsors, the University of the West of England are committed to expanding the ‘Learning Destinations’ on offer.  If your child regularly attends a club such as swimming or a football club beyond school and the club would like to become involved, the university are happy to ratify those destinations too. In time, this would mean that more and more learning experience you are providing as a family would be officially recognised. If you have children who attend Ridge Juniors you will be pleased to learn that they have also joined with the Children’s University so your whole family can become involved.

CU leaflet

Please contact the school office if you would like to purchase a passport.