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11.1.18 Blue Class Programming Lesson

Today Blue Class programmed the Blubots to make shapes.

We followed instructions to make Blubot make a square.

Then we tried to write a plan to make Blubot make a rectangle.

We also used the BluBot app on the ipads to programme Blubot to move around the world.

.  This was harder than we thought and Blubot made some funny shapes!

Term 3 in Year 2

Happy New Year!  Hope you all had a lovely Christmas with your families.  Thank you for all our cards and gifts. This term our topic is Explorers. We are exploring the Poles – the Arctic and Antarctic and then comparing them with India as a contrasting country. English – we are writing facts; reading, writing… Continue Reading

Term 2 in Year 2

We are continuing with our whole school theme ‘What a Wonderful LIfe it is!’ In Year Two we are focusing on ‘Celebrations‘ In English, we are asking and writing questions, writing key facts, using imperative verbs to write instructions, retelling stories.  SPAG- (spelling, punctuation and grammar)-imperative verbs, connectives and sentence openers. In Maths, we are… Continue Reading

Maths Days

We have had a busy two days in Broadway taking part in lots of maths activities.  We had lots of fun and enjoyed sharing maths in school with grown ups. We did maths outside.                 We played maths games.        We use beebots and ipads to help our… Continue Reading

Welcome to Year 2

Mrs Clark,  Mrs Barker,  Mrs Jones and Mrs Pagett are looking forward to welcoming all the Year 2 children to Blue Class and Purple Class.  We hope that you have all had a lovely summer with your families and we cannot wait to hear what you have all been up to. We have got lots… Continue Reading