Formative (ongoing) Assessment

Teachers assess children as part of the everyday process of teaching and learning. Books are marked, feedback is given, work is discussed with children who are also encouraged to self assess and evaluate each others work (peer assessment).  Our assessment and  marking policies play a crucial role in establishing and supporting a consistent whole school approach to feedback, designed to move children’s learning forward. This day to day formative assessment informs the teacher’s planning.

In Reception the  majority of assessment evidence is through observation and questioning of children through child chosen and led learning. Teachers use 2simple’s  ‘to build a profile’ software and ipads to record observations and assess against Foundation Stage outcomes (see Reception Curriculum for more information)


Summative Assessment

In addition to the day to day assessment of children we also carryout summative assessment which helps teachers to evaluate the depth of children’s learning. This can be carried out some time after the children have studied a particular genre of writing for example or an area of maths. Again this informs future teaching so that gaps can be closed and teaching focuses on what the children need to learn or revisit rather than following  a preset timetable of subjects/ knowledge and skills.

Reception: At the end of the foundation stage the children are assessed against 17 Early Learning Goals (see separate sheet) and given the one of the following judgements for each goal:

  • Emerging
  • Expected
  • Exceeding

A child is considered to have reached a Good Level of Development (GLD) if they have reached the expected level in each Early Learning Goal.

Key Stage One: At regular intervals pupils are assessed against Age Related Expectations (ARE) for all subjects. Both progress and attainment in Maths and English are tracked using Target Tracker software.which is also used by The Ridge Junior School.

National testing

The learning of children in Broadway is also tested/ checked through a series of National tests.  These are listed below.

Reception Baseline Assessment

Phonics Screening Check

End of Key Stage 1 Assessment