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Welcome to Purple Class! In Year 2 we love to learn by exploring, talking, being active and creative whilst developing independent working skills. This year we will have lots of fun learning new information and skills both indoors and outside. We cover a variety of topics through the year using the National Curriculum and ideas… Continue Reading

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Indian Workshop

Today, Year Two have been learning all about India through a fun and active workshop led by Mrs Joshi and Miss Francis. We learnt where India is, the flag of India, the national flower and bird and found out that there are lots of different languages spoken. We also listened to an Indian story about a chapati (this was very similar to the gingerbread man), tried some Indian biscuits and mango juice and joined in with some Indian dancing. Mrs Clark and Mrs Barker even got to try on a sari! We hope you enjoy our photos. Can you guess what the Hindi writing says? Hint: It is written on your school jumper.


Stay and Write

We really enjoyed having so many parents and grandparents joining us for our Stay and Write sessions this week- thank you to all those who attended and we hope you enjoyed learning about contractions and homophones with us!

Here are some photos.



Term 3 in Year 2

Happy New Year!  Hope you all had a lovely Christmas with your families.  Thank you for all our cards and gifts.

This term our topic is Explorers.

We are exploring the Poles – the Arctic and Antarctic and then comparing them with India as a contrasting country.

English – we are writing facts; reading, writing and learning poems.

Maths – multiplication and division.

Science/DT- materials, investigating ice and also solids/liquids/gas.

Geography – the world- continents and oceans.

History – famous explorer

Music – recorders

Art – Ice and Indian Art

PE– dance – Ice and Snow and Bollywood

Computing – programming

RE – Hinduism and Judaism

Homework Term Three


  • maths targets – Please sign and date whenever you practise the targets in the back of the homework book .  Many children are practising frequently – thank you-  and several have gained bronze, silver or gold certificates which are given out in assembly.  House point tokens are given out when children achieve their targets.
  • before Christmas your child was sent home with their latest common exception word spelling assessment.  Children are expected to read and spell all of these by the end of Year 2.  Please continue to practise them in addition to their spelling tests.  They can use them in sentences along with the spelling word.
  •  Each week we will be choosing a star writer, star mathematician and star investigator.  This will be displayed in the classroom and the children chosen will be rewarded with a house point token.
  • Reading records are checked daily so please remember to write in them whenever your child has read.  Children love having a champion reader certificate and their photo in the window.
  • homework – new grids are in the homework book.  We will stamp  and reward the children with a house point token for any homework completed.


Year 2 Woodland Walk

On Tuesday 21st November, Year 2 had a lovely, Autumnal walk to the Ridgewoods.  We learnt about woodland animals and their habitats, including micro-habitats, built a home for Holly the Hedgehog and went on a woodland treasure hunt.

We enjoyed a break with hot chocolate whilst listening to a woodland story.

Term 2 in Year 2

We are continuing with our whole school theme ‘What a Wonderful LIfe it is!’

In Year Two we are focusing on ‘Celebrations

In English, we are asking and writing questions, writing key facts, using imperative verbs to write instructions, retelling stories.  SPAG- (spelling, punctuation and grammar)-imperative verbs, connectives and sentence openers.

In Maths, we are furthering our knowledge of addition and subtraction and then moving on to multiplication and division.

In Science (and forest schools) , we are exploring habitats and the food chain.  This week is science week and we are investigating colour.

In History, we are comparing now and then – 1605 The Gunpowder Plot, Victorian Christmas.

In RE, how and why do we celebrate special and sacred times.

In Computing, we are learning about online safety.  We are also using purple mash on the Ipads.

In Art, we are going to be sewing Victorian Christmas decorations.  We are also looking at colour and how different media and materials affect art.

in Music, we are learning Christmas songs for the play.

In PE, we are doing dance and gymnastics.

Homework Term Two